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Not all business is work, and for Becky Helvie her love of fabric and colors has blossomed into ScarfLady, which specializes in brightening up women’s day with an extensive collection of scarves.

How extensive exactly? Pretty extensive, to the tune of over 250 gorgeous scarves. Helvie started as just another fan of scarves and pendant jewelry, picking them up at gift shops around the country on trips. After people started asking her where she got her scarves from, she knew she could turn her hobby into a business.

Helvie loves selling her scarves and interacting with customers that come to her store. She believes scarves aren’t essential to life but are a great way for people to look good and feel good about themselves.

Helvie is a big fan of Live at Lakeview and enjoys being in the joyous atmosphere interacting with customers and listening to the music. Since moving to Tahoe in the spring from Bakersfield, CA, she has loved the Tahoe weather and lifestyle.

Be sure to stop by and say hello to Helvie on Thursday at Live at Lakeview and check out all of her scarves, which are all currently on sale.

Written by: Garrett Bethmann

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