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True Tahoe Support


That’s why we’ve setup free live music week after week for you. 

It’s also HOW we are able to keep offering up free events for a decade now! 

It’s all thanks to this community!

The sponsors who donate time, money and services.

The vendors who setup weekly and support the event. 

The volunteers and staff who put in long hours of hard work to setup each event, run the bike valet, clean up the venue, and repeat every Thursday!

Last, but most important – YOU! Showing up week after week to dance, gather, drink cold beers and take in the views of Big Blue! 

Cheers to an amazing start to another summer of #truetahoesupport!

Artist Spotlight: South Lake Tahoe

The season finale concert features South Shore based artists including The Residents, Preachers Pickers and special guests from several more local band favorites!

The Residents will headline the last Live at Lakeview concert of the 2023 season. Led by Ted Kennedy, this group of talented local musicians deliver an upbeat blend of beloved classic songs from the last several decades with heartfelt original tunes by various band members.

The Residents share a two-fold commitment to rocking your world and uplifting their community. Proof shown by the substantial support of sponsors including South of North Brewing and Poke Rok, all led by the enthusiastic support of Ted Kennedy.

The Preachers Pickers, featuring John Rice, Daryl Braga & Simon Kurth, open up the show at 4:30 pm. They’ve joined us on the Lakeview stage as a duo, but this time they’re adding in quite a bit more!

They’ve invited the following special guests to join in this special performance:

– Lindsay Cheek (Lindsay and the Cheeks, Bread and Butter Band)
– Marty Ylitalo (Mescalito)
– Andy Voelkel (Bison, Mescalito)
– Andy Hatch (Bison)
– Brandon Dolph (Jenes and the Juice)
– Ryan Taylor (Mescalito)

This Thursday’s event is the season finale of a free weekly concert series hosted from 4:30 – 8:30 pm at Lakeview Commons, in the heart of South Lake Tahoe. Every Thursday (June 29-August 31) the event hosts live music and art on the beach, along with a variety of local merchants and delicious food options plus amphitheater style seating and breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe from the beer garden.

Local beer will be served on tap inside the beer & wine garden, courtesy of South of North Brewing Company. Proceeds from the beer & wine garden will support the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition, helping Tahoe to become more bicycle friendly.

Parking is limited around the venue; however, a complimentary bike valet service is offered every week. Biking or lime scootering (with proper lighting) as well as ride-share services, carpooling and public transportation are all strongly encouraged. Additional parking is available at the South Lake Tahoe Recreation Center (1180 Rufus Allen Blvd.)

Stay connected with @LiveatLakeviewCommons on Facebook and Instagram for news on the 2024 season.

Artist Spotlight: Moody Cat

This Thursday (Aug 24) Moody Cat makes their debut on the Live at Lakeview stage, with the one-and-only Patrick Walsh opening things up at 4:30 pm.

Moody Cat is a funkadelic soul band out of the Foothills of Northern California. They’re not going to dish out your garden variety funk. These talented artists will be serving up a riveting musical journey with a striking balance of covers and originals. Feel good grooves and lyrics with elements of rock and jazz unfolding fluidly into the mix.

Drummer/vocalist/songwriter David Lee demands nothing short of excellence from every project he’s involved with. A few years ago, he and longtime collaborator/bassist, Brett Sanders decided it was time to start a funk/soul/jam band that would tap into old school vibes while pushing those genres forward. Moody Cat made a big splash with a number of performances in the region, lighting up dance floors and expanding minds.

In addition to Lee and Sanders, the new lineup features Danny Roholt on guitar, Kelly Costello on keys/vocals and Trevor Hollingsworth on sax/flute/percussion. Roholt is a Berklee School of Music grad who has been earning praise from his work with acclaimed artists including Joe Craven, Jonny Mojo, Jessica Malone and Jesse Jennings.  Kelly Costello brings a whole new element to Moody Cat. She morphs a gypsy style with reggae and blues, adding beautiful texture to the palette of sonic colors.

This week’s opening act is no stranger to the Live at Lakeview stage. In fact, this will be Patrick Walsh’s 8th performance at Lakeview Commons!

El Dorado County singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Patrick Walsh brings a fresh sound from a world of no genres. He was born and raised in the gold rush towns of Northern California and often incorporates that local history and experiences into his music. 

A popular artist who can be found performing three residency shows on the Live at Lakeview stage this summer, switches things up from bluegrass to jazz with a surprising reggae island vibe mixed in during various shows. His natural tendency for musical diversity is rooted in a lifetime of playing multiple musical instruments including piano, trumpet, guitar and harmonica. 

Patrick is most well known in the area for performing Americana-inspired acoustic guitar instrumentals rather than singing and performing as a one-man band. Walsh shared with the Sacramento Magazine in a recent interview that his unique approach to music has been deliberate from the start, “ As soon as I began performing and creating albums, I decided I didn’t want to be held to on genre. I like being spontaneous and hop styles from song to song during a performance.

“I try to set a mood and take people away on little journeys,” Walsh continues. “That’s partly why I like instrumental music so much. I’m very happy with the lyrics of my songs, but instrumentals allow listeners to think about whatever, and pay attention to the music as much as they want. I don’t like to make music that is too intrusive – just something that fits pleasantly into daily activities like driving, where you can just sort of daydream along with it.”

This Thursday is your last chance of the summer to enjoy a live performance from Patrick Walsh on the Live at Lakeview Stage.

Artist Spotlight: Coast Tribe

Coast Tribe will deliver the reggae vibes we all love THIS Thursday! This Half Moon Bay, CA based band has a unique style that encompasses elements from diverse genres like reggae, funk, hip hop, and heavy metal. Expressive lyrics paint pictures of the struggles of the modern world and words that celebrate life and music.

This Thursday (Aug 10) Coast Tribe makes their debut on the Live at Lakeview stage, with Porterhaus opening things up at 4:30 pm

Never settling for the status-quo, Coast Tribe aims to surpass expectations and push their sound to its fullest during their high-energy live shows or in the studio.

Artist Spotlight: 40 Watt Hype

In the center of California, a culture that is the underbelly of LA and San Francisco. From the bass bumping out of the ’84 Cutlass to the backyard fiestas, the music of 40 Watt Hype is created—live Hip Hop cultivated from the seeds of a favorite dusty Soul record with a Latin b side.

This Thursday (Aug 3) 40 Watt Hype returns to the Live at Lakeview stage to headline the 99th FREE concert at Lakeview Commons in South Lake Tahoe!

“Hip-hop neophytes have the underground buzzing.  The band’s sound combines elements of Latin, soul and R & B, creating a fresh and commanding sound with tremendous crossover appeal.”- Complex Magazine

Born and influenced by the streets of Fresno, 40 Watt Hype started (out of necessity) at a backyard party by front man Aaron Wall and as soon as the music started, the people danced and embraced this new sound. Wall—songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer—a second generation Dutchman from Holland, grew up listening to a multitude of styles and forms of music, from R&B to Hip Hop to Latin. When you hear and see Wall perform, you can feel the love and influence of the environment he is the product of, breaking stereotypes, as he states, “nothing turns heads quicker than seeing a white boy sing and rhyme in Spanish.” As a kid in Eastside Fresno, he learned to speak Spanish from hearing it throughout the neighborhood and from kids at school, and during high school in Fresno’s urban Westside, R&B and Hip Hop further impacted itself on his musical journey.

As the founding member, Wall wanted to bring together a fresh and exciting, versatile, genre bending sound with a cast of stellar musicians. These artists have studied and performed in New York, Boston and Japan. On drums, Sean Alderette plays with the soulful touch of Clyde Stubblefield and the power of the classic break beat; on bass, Pat Olvera lays down gut-busting grooves on the low end; on percussion, Jared Dyar mixes sounds and textures which enhance to the distinct flavor rounded out by guitars, keys and horns.

Opening up the 99th FREE concert is Guitar virtuoso, composer, and vocalist Roland Grant who serves up a unique crossover of rock with flamenco and Latin influences.

As an orchestral composer, Roland’s Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra premiered in 2019 with the composer as soloist. Roland was awarded the prize for Best Tonal Music at the 2017 International Antonín Dvořák Composition Competition held in Prague, Czech Republic, of which he is a two-time finalist.

“Grant’s relentless talent brings audiences to awestruck ovations… a breathtaking sight to witness.” Darryl Sterdan, Tinnitist

Roland Grant will be opening up the show this Thursday at 4:30 pm. You don’t want to miss it!

Artist Spotlight: Wolf Jett

The sound of Wolf Jett will make you dance, sing, and possibly even howl this Thursday!

Their music is a celebration of perseverance, infusing folk, blues and Americana into what can only be described as “Cosmic Mountain Music.”

Frontman Chris Jones was born in the south and raised in CA. His songs combine the best of both worlds to create a vibe that is fresh, yet immediately familiar to a broad audience.

He is joined by long-time musical collaborator Jon Payne on drums, Duncan Shipton on bass, Will Fourt on dobro/guitar. Often featuring Laura T Lewis on vocals/percussion and other special guests, to boot!

PorterHaus Music opens up this week’s free concert at 4:30 pm!

See you there!

Artist Spotlight: Ten Foot Tiger

Ten Foot Tiger is a Sacramento based collective of musicians driving solely by the desire to create stirring original music. They’re making their Live at Lakeview debut this Thursday, July 13th.

Since the band was created at the For the Funk of It Festival, Ten Foot Tiger has adapted and evolved into one of Sacramento’s most unique bands. 

Front man Dan Green opened up to Tahoe Onstage about the unique formation of this band in a past interview, “Matt couldn’t make it so I put together a group of Sacramento musicians to jam,” Green told Tahoe Onstage. “After we had about two weeks of practice, we played the festival.

“For the first time in quite a while, I was nervous, but everyone just clicked once we hit the stage. It was very well received at the festival, and all of us agreed that we should keep it going. It just felt natural. We all have our main gigs, so this is side project for all of us. I just had a bunch of material that wouldn’t work with Black Star Safari.”

With a sound beyond traditional categories, Ten Foot Tiger serves up a wide variety that highlights funk, jazz, latin, pop, ballads, blues, electronic, rock and folk. There truly is a little something for everyone. 

You can expect poignant and provocative songs paired with powerful improvisations that stem from the many genres they cover. 

One thing that’s unmistakable about a Ten Foot Tiger performance is the exhilarating, high energy they deliver that makes this band a must see act for any music lover. 

Downhome South Lake funk rockers, Bread and Butter Band, led by Alabama vocalist Lindsay Cheek, will open up the show at 4:30 pm. 

Local beer will be served on tap inside the beer & wine garden, courtesy of South of North Brewing Company. Proceeds from the beer & wine garden will support the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition this year, helping Tahoe to become more bicycle friendly.

Biking or lime scootering (with proper lighting) as well as ride-share services, carpooling and public transportation are all strongly encouraged.

FREE parking is available at the South Lake Tahoe Recreation Center located at 1180 Rufus Allen Blvd. Click here for more information on parking at Lakeview Commons.

Artist Spotlight: Red Dirt Ruckus

This Thursday, July 6th, Red Dirt Ruckus will make their Live at Lakeview debut for the second week of the series.

Which may lead you to wonder, what the heck is a Red Dirt Ruckus?

Red Dirt Ruckus a funky freight train chock full of foothill flava!

From deep in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada came a toe-tapping, hip shakin’ sound that couldn’t be pinned down. With a healthy dose of bluegrass, a sprinkle of reggae and a big-ole spoonful of funk, Red Dirt Ruckus has been leaving crowds smiling with their own brand of “foothill rudegrass” for almost a decade. 

They ride a high-energy blend of original music by songwriters Doug not Josh (vocals + guitar + mandolin) & Dan “mad monk” Abbott (vocals + bass), brought to life with the fiddle skills of Lisa Bond, spiced up by Jared Collins on sousaphone and trumpet, and held down by Rob Keedy on drums & percussion.

“The multiple times red dirt ruckus has played our venue, they’ve taken us into a realm beyond time where nothing else matters but completely surrendering to the joyous spirit of their music. The passion they pour into their song-craft and instrumental chemistry is a beautiful thing to behold.”
– tyler blue –
the world famous crazy horse saloon – nevada city, ca

Patrick Walsh opens up the show at 4:30 pm, with Red Dirt Ruckus taking the stage at 6pm.

Make plans to be there, you don’t want to miss the ruckus!

2023 Live at Lakeview Lineup

Your 2023 lineup, presented by City of South Lake Tahoe Government, @Visit Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Wellness Center & On Course Events!

Made possible by #truetahoesupport from:

South of North Brewing Company

Poke Rok

KRLT TheLake

Lake Tahoe TV

Dollar Signs and Graphics

South Tahoe Refuse & Recycling Co.

Eloise Automotive & Alignment

Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition

Escobar Training Ground

The Turn Sports Bar


Lakeview Social Tahoe

Forest Suites Resort At Heavenly-Village

Beach Retreat & Lodge at Tahoe

Meek’s Lumber & Hardware – Tahoe

Tahoe Production House

Tahoe Bagel Company

Sprouts Natural Foods Cafe

South Tahoe Standup Paddle

Lake Monster Tattoo & Body Piercing

Tahoe Chiropractic Clinic

Lake Tahoe Entertainer

Tahoe Mountain News

Gastromaniac Homemade Pasta & Pizza

GDI Insurance Agency, Inc.

Free Live Music is Back!

Thank you South Lake Tahoe! You SHOWED UP, supported the long-overdue return and danced your hearts out in celebration with us!


The venue was packed with smiling faces and good vibes, just like old times! Is anyone else been stuck with a goofy grin on their face from having so much fun dancing on the beach with Diggin Dirt and The Connor Party?

There are three more sleeps until the next Live at Lakeview, so we’ve updated our Spotify Playlist with more good jams to hold you over.
This latest additions to the playlist include music from The Sextones, Local Anthology, Ideateam & more!


This Thursday, we welcome The Sextones back to the stage for a bluesy, soulful, rockin good time!

The music starts in the heart of South Lake Tahoe at 4:30 pm with In The Works making their Live at Lakeview debut here at Lakeview Commons! Click here for the full event details.